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We give your old wooden furnishings new life.

Trusted By Katy and Houston Area Homeowners

The Rusty Nail specializes in wooden furniture repairs of all kinds, from touch-ups to more extensive repairs of high-quality wooden furniture. We take pride in our ability to take a piece of damaged furniture and make it look beautiful again. We have extensive experience refinishing wood, so there is almost nothing that we won't be able to do. With years of experience in Katy and the surrounding areas, we are proud to bring100% customer satisfaction to every client! We cannot wait to work with you! 

Is it time to revamp your home?

There comes a time when your furniture will start looking worn out. No matter how good the quality, you simply cannot avoid the degradation that occurs with the passage of time. To restore your wooden furniture and revamp it to its original condition, The Rusty Nail can help you. 

Often times, people want to change the overall look of their home, but the problem is that if you go out and buy new furniture, it can be quite an expensive deal. The most significant benefit of refinishing your wooden furniture is that you can change the overall look of your home without buying new furniture. 

The Rusty Nail's expertise, craftsmanship, and skill is unmatched. Let's change the look of your house by reinventing the way your old wooden furniture looks! 


Let us refinish or customize your furniture

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