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Our Services. 

Revealing the inner glow of forgotten treasures. 

The majority of furniture items being sold in today's marketplace are poorly made imports. Solid wood pieces and thick veneers have been replaced by medium density fiberboard and paper-thin veneers. 

Companies that once provided craftsman finishes now finish their products in an assembly line manner with little thought given to durability. Due to this steep decline in the quality of furniture manufacturing, The Rusty Nail offers a great value: we help our clients hold on to the well-made pieces they love, while also offering them an opportunity to update or even reinvent their furniture with a new look.  No matter the project, our team is up for the task.

Some of our popular services include:

Wood Finishes_edited_edited.jpg

Custom faux finishes, glazing, antiquing, and distressing.

Remove water rings, dents, cracks, gouges, and scratches. 

White Chair in an Empty Room_edited_edit

Repair or replace broken legs, split wood, or disfunctional drawers and moving parts. 

Carpenter Cutting Wood _edited_edited_ed

Structural stabilization and refinishing. 


Paint and/or stain to each clients specifications.  

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 9_edited_edite

Pick up and delivery for each piece of furniture.

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